This is my Religion.

The gym is my Church.

Team Beautiful is a lifestyle that encourages positivity, hard work, humility and kindness. Always be better than yesterday and above all, treat others how you want to be treated.


Kenny always joked around with the persona of Mr.Beautiful since he was a little fat kid pretending to be a wrestler back in Jersey but it didn’t actually become a thing until he filmed the Challenge on MTV.

On the show their weeks were scheduled with two days of challenges and then one full day of interviews, then another two days of challenges and interviews again on that off day. So on and so forth, week after week. A lot of the contestants would take those interviews seriously and use that time to talk about the challenges they’d just completed. Kenny, however, was so bored with that routine, he just decided to use the time to shoot wrestling promos.

In the pros, every wrestler played their part, the loud mouth, the country guy, the sneak, etc etc. He wasn’t sure where his character would fit in until one of the girls on the show suggested he go with looks. “Youre hot, that’s your thing” He decided to go with it and make that the root of his character. The cast (and eventually even the crew) started calling him Mr. Beautiful.

After the show things got rough and Kenny hit a crossroads where he decided to turn his luck around. He started reading self-help books and working out more. He concentrating so much on fitness and the happiness it brought him it became his religion. Religion is your beliefs and guidelines for how you want to live and his religion was training. He loved how happy it made people and helped people realize their true capacity for greatness. Watching friends and clients accomplish goals and change their lives was extremely rewarding.

That’s how the purpose of Mr.Beautiful started to develop.



Everyone always thinks this comes easy to me but I struggled just like everyone else and I still do. I know how it feels to be uncomfortable in your own skin, to adjust your shirt, to feel self-conscious every time you walk into a room. I don't want that for me and I don't want that for you so I continue to work hard and push you to work hard. I won't feed you bullshit, I ride my clients and my classes because I want them to be better as much I want myself to be better.

It's about working to be the best version of you right now. So when u feel great and look great you will treat you and others great.


Its always darkest before dawn. That thought pushed me through. There was a period in my life where I had to come off of the show and I lost within a four to five month span: my girlfriend, my job, and the show. It was just this downward spiral. Everything I thought I had was gone.

Using #teambeautiful on all of his social media posts, Santucci strives to help the world see that the “true beauty in someone is when they are making themselves better or helping others become better. That's what it means to me to be beautiful.” He works to inspire people to seek out the super strength..

I love everything about what I an doing. Couldn’t imagine doing anything else. People come to CrossFit Solace to release. I consider most gyms a spiritual place. Its the modern day church for some people. People come here to feel good and I help them feel good.

Heal the world through fitness

It's no longer just about "going to the gym" to workout. It's a lifestyle — when you feel and look better, you treat people better. That's what the golden rule is all about, treating people better. I wanna get you in the best shape of your life so you can feel better and treat people better. Heal the world through fitness.